BCI WiR Group Webinar: Women's Experience in Business Resilience at All Career Stages

  • 23 Jun 2022
  • , 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

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Working as a Business Continuity Practitioner (BCP) can be deeply rewarding.  Aspiring BCPs will take different paths to achieve their career goals.  If you choose to become a BCP, one thing is certain: You will have a lot of options for how you can focus your BCP career. That is fantastic news for anyone who values flexibility and variety, but it can also be a little overwhelming as you attempt to narrow down your career path. For each new BCP route, a host of questions crops up: What education will I need? Will I need experience to specialize? How do I get started in these roles? The list goes on. The desired role or specialization helps determine their direction—but even BCPs in the same roles or specialty may take different routes to reach the same end. Geography, stage of life, and financial flexibility can also be factors in shaping a BCP career path.

Join us as we look at what a “normal” BCP career path consists of and explore what you will need to consider on your career journey in some of the most popular BCP specialties. 

Our Panelists:

Margaret Millett - BCI WiR Representative
Margaret Millett, MSBC, FBCI (Hon), MBCP, has been actively involved in the business continuity management profession for many years and worked for Fortune 300 companies in Boston (Massachusetts), Dublin (Ireland), San Jose (California), and Raleigh (North Carolina). She has held board levels positions with business continuity organizations, written publications and spoken at business continuity management conferences in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Since 2015 she has served as the Board Chair for the Alzheimer’s Association of Eastern North Carolina.  

Margaret currently works for Uber Technologies, Inc. as the Head of Global Resilience.

Ashley Goosman – Moderator 
Ashley Goosman, MBCP, MBCI has twenty years of experience in the public and private sectors. It includes managing various high-profile crisis incidents ranging from pandemics, natural disasters, a white power incident, network, and power outages, along with terrorist incidents. She worked for the American Red Cross September 11 Recovery Program and was a member of Hurricane Katrina-Massachusetts Operation Helping Hand.

As the Director of Emergency Services for the Mass Dept. of Mental Health, she led multiple SAMHSA crisis counselling program grants, is a certified CCP trainer, innovating on-line education in Psychological First Aid and stress management for public health professionals. She served as an adjunct Senior Instructor, teaching on Terrorism and Disasters for seven years. Ashley has experience conducting business continuity globally.

In 2019, she launched the resilience blog disasterempire.com, is a co-founder of the Resilience Think Tank, and a Risk Manager II for Liberty Mutual Insurance.

MacKenzie Cummings - Panelist 
MacKenzie Cummings is 25 years old and graduated with a B.A. in International Affairs with a focus in Security Policy from George Washington University in Washington D.C. in 2019. In the two years since graduating university, she has worked as a security analyst on Uber Technologies’ 24/7 Global Security Center where she actioned employee, operational, and marketplace crisis response. Currently, she works on Uber’s Strategic Analysis team where she conducts research and writes risk assessments on how various geopolitical conflicts, regulatory changes, natural disasters, and violent crime may impact Uber’s employees and business operations.

Now, she is looking to take what she has learned and use that experience to build a career in business continuity and crisis management.

Lisa Jones - Panelist 
Lisa is a gifted communicator with over 14 years experience promoting resiliency and elevating contingency planning visibility.  She has led comprehensive programs within healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries. 

She readily shares insight on planning awareness, recovery strategies and industry trends, through presentations, articles and thought leadership projects. She is a co-founder of the Resilience Think Tank and serves as president of The Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) USA Chapter. Recently Lisa received her Masters of Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) certification from DRI International.

Lisa’s goal is to ensure organizations recognize the value business continuity professionals provide.

Melissa Mack - Panelist 
Melissa Mack, MBCI, is a Director on the Corporate Resilience team at Witt O’Brien’s. A crisis management and business continuity consultant, she specializes in creating and facilitating table top exercises. With experience as a practitioner and as a consultant, she is adept at identifying solutions that blend industry standards and best practices with an organization’s structure and culture.

Melissa is a member of the BCI USA Chapter’s Board and serves on the Diversity & Inclusion and Membership Engagement Collaboration Streams.

Lesley Hume - Panelist 
As a Director, Digital Business at Everstream Analytics, Lesley is a Senior Manager helping businesses deploy digital risk management solutions to manage their supply chains more effectively.  Lesley began her career over 30 years ago in Global Supply Chain & Logistics out of Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada where she studied Marketing & Business Management.  

Her extensive career includes various sales & operations management roles in all areas of logistics and supply chain including, rail, truck, air and ocean transportation as well as warehousing & global distribution supply chain programs and technology.

Lesley moved to New Jersey in 2004 as a Vice President Sales & Marketing, North East Region and then Vice President Fashion & Retail at Panalpina from Toronto, Canada.  It was there she began working in the High end Retail and Luxury Goods Market and continued to do so in various senior management roles until almost 10 years ago when she made a career shift to Global Supply Chain Technology working at INFOR Nexus until joining Everstream Analytics (formerly DHL Resilience360) in June, 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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