Business continuity project management

  • 9 May 2024
  • , 6 PM (BST)

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Africa's business continuity projects are authentic, typical and rich of different kind of constraints, hazards and difficulties from the top to bottom line of hierarchy. 

Topics that will be covered in this event:

  • What are the business continuity environmental factor? 
  • What are the weaknesses but also strengths of the region? 
  • How decisions are made.
  • How business continuity projects are sponsored and validated.
  • How business continuity projects are managed from initiation to closure.
  • What happens after closure and what about the hand over of the business continuity projects? 
  • What should be done and what is done in reality?

The event will also touch on the region's potentional threats and risks, such as; 

  • Climate 
  • Cyberattacks
  • Political instability/power
  • Telcos interruptions

During this session Mohammed Ramy will share his 21 years of experience in business continuity and will explain how project and portfolio management standards can help to deal with risk; how frameworks like BCI GPG, PMI PMBOK and ISO 22301 can promote, build, support and sustain continuity and resiliency.


  • Mohammed Ramy


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