Embracing business continuity: the role of corporate training in changing organizational culture

  • 15 May 2024
  • , 7 AM (BST)

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What does “embracing” business continuity look like? It’s openness, willingness, acceptance and for some, the authentic, enthusiastic, championing of preparedness. Too often the reality is that the employees we partner with arrive laden by other priorities and far from championing business continuity. To influence and ultimately change organizational culture, we need to start with our people and where they are at. We need to identify their needs and then design an education program that is bespoke and fit-for-purpose, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  It is also incredibly beneficial to weave education into the fabric of all our business continuity activities.  

Resilience is about being flexible and adaptive, with an ability to problem solve and make decisions under pressure. Innate resilience is not always a given. A person-centred approach to business continuity education affords a well-designed program full of innovative learning opportunities to equip our employee with transferable knowledge and skills. Our employees ultimately have the potential to shift culture and are pivotal for collective organizational outcomes.  

Key points

  • Revamp your corporate training – it’s an investment of time … but you don’t need a big budget. 
  • Start with your outcomes and where your people are right now. Revisit and realign often. 
  • Design and foster a community of practice where change is led organically by your employees, with shared learning, guiding and coaching.
  • Don’t miss opportunities to engage your people in the “why” – make the most of the teachable moments and leverage the value and power of lived experience.


  • Rebecca Skinner


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