Operational Resilience – What is the exam question?

  • 14 Jun 2023
  • , 3 PM (BST)

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With the best of intentions, and due to the FCA and PRA regulations being open to interpretation, some organisations may have been overthinking their operational resilience requirements; either over-delivering on the exam question (there are no marks for that) or focusing too much on theoretical scenarios or worst-case scenarios that are unlikely to occur in reality.

This well-intentioned, but excessive work can lead to unnecessary complexity and cost which may distract from the most critical aspects of operational resilience. While it's important for organisations to be prepared for a wide range of risks, they should also ensure that their operational resilience requirements are balanced, cost-effective, and focused on the most critical aspects of their operations. By avoiding overthinking the requirements and eliminating excessive complexity, organizations can achieve a more effective and efficient approach to operational resilience.

Join us for this informative webinar, presented by business continuity and resilience experts, Paul Cutler, Andrew Morkot, and Ken Clark.


Paul Cutler, Managing Consultant. Professional Services

Andrew Morkot, Lead Consultant. Professional Services

Ken Clark, Senior Consultant. Business Continuity. Professional Services

Nicki Sowden, Marketing Specialist 


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