Ransomware - Understanding Cyber Security Risk

  • 11 Aug 2021
  • , 4:00pm - 5:00pm (AEST)

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Cybersecurity and Data privacy is an increasing concern for boards. With 2020 going down in the history books as ‘the year of ransomware’, many are asking when this spree of high profile, highly disruptive, and costly cyber-crime will end. There is heightened concern amongst boards around whether they are ‘doing enough’ on cyber/privacy and managing the convergence of multiple Australian regulators on the issues of privacy, cyber security and sanctions risk. Being prepared is key. John Moran, Head of Clyde & Co’s Cyber Practice will take you through the ransomware landscape and run you through key considerations and strategies you should be thinking about to mitigate the risks of ransomware attacks. 
Key outcomes
You will come away with an understanding of:
o    What ransomware is 
o    Key trends from threat actors 
o    The incident response process 
o    Key considerations for Boards during an incident 
o    How you can prepare
About Clyde & Co
Clyde & Co's global cyber practice provides an end-to-end cyber risk solution to clients. From pre-incident readiness and incident response through to regulatory investigations, proceedings, third party claims (including group litigation) and recoveries, the team assists corporate clients, insurers, insureds and brokers across the full cyber lifecycle. The cyber team has advised on over 2,000 cyber incidents and data breaches, ranging from small incidents through to some of the largest, most high profile, multi-jurisdictional incidents to date.

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