The confluence of business continuity and cybersecurity

  • 27 Sep 2021
  • , 4PM IST

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Cybersecurity disasters can heavily impact an organization’s continued viability as a business. Attacks like ransomware can cripple a company’s systems and networks for weeks, if not months. Business email compromise can result in severe financial losses that can sometimes be fatal for small and medium businesses. Financially motivated attacks on a bank’s cards systems or fund transfer systems can lead to millions of dollars of losses. Yet, we find that cybersecurity and business continuity teams continue to work in silos. In the larger organizations, there are the beginnings of close collaboration in the form of a cyber resilience program. However, there is a stronger need to help both teams understand that cybersecurity disasters need to be actively integrated into business continuity scenarios and that teams and processes need to be fully aligned to create a truly embedded business continuity program. And therefore, in this podcast, I would explain the gaps that we see, and how best I feel these gaps should be addressed to help bring about this confluence of cybersecurity and business continuity.

Presented by: 
KK Mookhey
Founder & CEO
Network Intelligence


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