Welcome to the BCI community for the USA! We are a group of committed business continuity and resilience professionals with a passion for building our community and playing an active role in the evolution of our industry. The more of us that contribute, the more valuable and effective our community will be. We are seeking volunteers to write content for the web and Continuity Magazine, facilitate webinars, and to spread the word regarding BCI research and resources within your local resilience forums.

US-based industry events can be viewed on the Events tab below. We are working hard to build the number of events listed, both virtual and face-to-face, so if you know of an event that isn’t featured please submit the details so that it can be added.

If you are social media savvy then please follow us on Twitter and Instagram and join our LinkedIn Group

We have aligned our efforts into five key collaboration streams, each lead by a chapter board member who in turn will need your help to deliver value back to all our members. 

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