The BCI has developed a standard mentoring to foster professional growth and development among its members in the field of business continuity and resilience. The program operates on the principle of members supporting members recognising the wealth of knowledge within the BCI community. It is aligned with the BCI competency framework, which serves as a guide for mentors to provide targeted guidance and support in specific areas of expertise.


The BCI Standard Mentoring is available only to BCI Certified and Non-Certified Members. It is designed for those new to business continuity and resilience, those who want to advance in their career, and those who want to make an effective contribution to the industry.
We recommend that mentoring relationships last 6-12 months, with catch-up meetings held through email, phone, or online video conferencing platforms. Face-to-face meetings are recommended when possible, but virtual meetings give access to a global pool of mentors. Mentors and mentees can arrange meetings through the mentoring platform and other video conferencing softwares, including one-time sessions with other members.

We offer a range of mentoring resources that you can access, such as:

  • Mentorship guides
  • Career worksheets
  • Questionnaires
  • Guidelines
  • Access to webinars
BCI Standard Mentoring - Program Overview

Standard Mentoring Benefits

There are benefits to both the mentor and mentee in the BCI standard mentoring program. For the mentee, it provides an opportunity to learn from an experienced professional and receive personalised guidance and support as they work towards their career aspirations. For the mentor, sharing their knowledge and insights with a mentee can be an enriching experience and help them develop their skills and advance their career. Standard mentoring can also foster a culture of continuous learning within an organization and help to bridge generational gaps.

  • Personalized guidance: Standard mentoring provides the mentee with personalized guidance and support from an experienced mentor, who can help them set and achieve their professional goals.

  • Skill development: Mentoring in this form can aid the mentee in cultivating fresh skills and competencies within their field while refining their current knowledge and expertise.

  • Career advancement: It offers mentees significant learning opportunities and aids in developing skills and knowledge required for success, including acquiring essential competencies.

  • Network building: Mentees can establish a network of professional contacts and relationships that may benefit their careers by participating in standard mentoring.

  • Confidence and motivation: Mentoring is a standard practice that can assist the mentee in building confidence and motivation. This is achieved by providing them with constructive feedback, encouragement, and support as they strive towards achieving their goals.

BCI Standard Mentoring Benefits


Standard Mentoring Objectives

Standard mentoring is a structured process designed to help mentees develop their skills and achieve their career aspirations with the guidance and support of an experienced mentor. The BCI's standard mentoring program involves one-on-one meetings between the mentor and mentee to discuss the mentee's goals and progress and establish a plan for their mentoring relationship. The mentor serves as a guide, advisor, and role model for the mentee, helping them set and achieve professional goals, navigate challenges, and gain new competencies. The BCI's standard mentoring program is designed to support its members' professional growth and advancement.

BCI Standard Mentoring Objectives


  • Promote Leadership Succession: Our program nurtures future leaders through effective mentorship, aligning with the BCI competency framework's leadership development.

  • Cross-fertilize Skills and Knowledge: Our mentoring platform fosters diverse skill and knowledge exchange, enriching expertise within BC and Resilience.

  • Two-Way Development: Mentors and mentees both grow through mutual knowledge sharing, enhancing their professional capabilities.

  • Promote Diversity and Inclusion: We eliminate unconscious bias in matching, and aligning with BCI's diversity and inclusion goals.

  • Drive Member Engagement: Our platform strengthens member connections, offering tangible learning experiences that enhance membership value.

  • Enhance the confidence and self-awareness of participants while also improving their skills in building relationships and exerting influence. 


“Believe in yourself”. When I assisted my mentee, she did not feel she had the skills to apply for MBCI. I was able to help her realise she had significant experience and skills and perhaps did not have that prior belief. A key comment she provided to me for a paper on mentoring that I wrote was ‘Mentorship isn’t just for those new to the profession: it can make the difference between doubting and believing what you can achieve at any stage of your career’. The comment about doubting and believing spoke volumes to me – and this is true – believe in yourself.

Paul Senior FBCI

Managing Consultant, Fujitsu, United Kingdom

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