BCI Corporate Membership Referral Scheme

Earn cash back simply by referring an organization to join as a BCI Corporate Member!

Our members and partners work with 1,000’s of organizations everyday to help them improve their resilience. By going one step further and encouraging them to become a BCI Corporate Member and receive all the content and benefits that come with it, you could earn yourself or your organization money back.

If you don’t know what the BCI Corporate Membership is you can find out more here. In a nutshell, it helps embed business continuity and resilience within an organization’s culture through a full range of resources, education, thought leadership, conference attendance, and more.

How does it work?

Simply provide a member of our business development team with the name of the organization, and a contact within that organization, and we’ll do the rest. If that organization then becomes a fully paid up BCI Corporate Member, you will receive your cash back. 

How much will I/we get?

This will depend on the size of organization you refer…

Partner Grade Cash Back
Premium Partner     £500/$500/€500 Cash back
Standard Partner £250/$250/€250 Cash back
Associate Partner   £125/$125/€125 Cash back







How do I/we get our money?

Once the referred organization has agreed to become a BCI Corporate Member AND has paid their subscription, then we will inform you and you can invoice the BCI. 

Already have an organization in mind? Inform one of the team!


Joelene Moore

Sales Relationship Manager


Lisa Riordan

APAC Relationship Manager

Terms and conditions

•    Cash back will only be paid on year one of the referred organizations partnership
•    Cash back will only be paid after the referred organization has paid for their partnership
•    Cash back will only be paid in Pounds Sterling, Euros, or US Dollars and is non-transferable
•    There will be only one referral payment per referred organization. This will be decided on a first come, first serve basis.