95% of BC professionals think they will get greater resources post-COVID

  • 08 Sep 2020

The elevated position business continuity finds itself in as a result of COVID-19, means that many working in the industry believe it will receive additional financial support and/or resources post-pandemic. However, most believe that this additional support will be short lived, and those working in the industry need to take advantage of these resources within six months.

One respondent to The Future of Business Continuity & Resilience report commented; “Now is the time to ask for budget! I have been able to recruit one more team member as a direct result of our actions taken during COVID.”

This confidence BC professionals have in obtaining extra funding suggests that despite complaints that senior management had “ignored” BC in the early part of the response, there has been a greater appreciation and heightened interest in the work of the department as the pandemic has progressed.

The report also highlights that over three quarters (78.3%) of those surveyed believe that there will be improved collaboration between business continuity and other resilience departments, including IT, and 73.2% believe the Board are now aware of the importance of BC.

Rachael Elliott, Head of Thought Leadership, at The BCI commented “COVID-19 may have shaken many organizations to their foundations, but it has highlighted the importance of Business Continuity as being at the core of an organization’s resilience strategy. Professionals are hopeful of greater attention at Board level going forward, and the pandemic has helped to act as a silo-breaker between different departments’ resilience strategies. We don’t have long to act though – respondents believe we have just six months to make these theoretical concepts into actionable processes within organizations before they are forgotten.”

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