A new leader for the BCI Chennai Chapter - Vaidyanathan Chandramouli MBCI

  • 15 Apr 2024

We are pleased to announce Vaidyanathan Chandramouli MBCI as the new leader for the BCI India Chennai Chapter.

With two decades of experience in business continuity, resilience, governance, risk management, and compliance, Vaidy has worked as both a consultant and advisor, with a strong focus on developing and executing comprehensive business continuity strategies. His experience includes roles within enterprise business continuity teams and leading crisis management efforts, where Vaidy has overseen responses to significant challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaidy also highlights how previous experience with BCI Chapters (including serving as the founder secretary of BCI India Chapter and the leader of the Chennai Chapter until May 2020) shows his commitment to the business continuity community, beginning with discussions to establish BCI Chapters in India in 2013, before being instrumental in convening the first group: “This initiative has been instrumental in promoting business continuity practices across India and exemplifies my dedication to enhancing the resilience and readiness of organizations at a broader level.”

Vaidy’s approach

Vaidy explains that a cornerstone of his approach is a proactive stance on preparedness and adaptability: “I am dedicated to bolstering resilience and ensuring sustainable organizational growth. This approach is in perfect harmony with the Chapter's mission, and my extensive experience and proactive stance significantly contributes to our shared goals.” 

In addition to this, Vaidy is motivated to continue the sense of community and belonging fostered by the BCI Chapters, which he notes has been a key element of his own professional journey in business continuity. “These chapters offer a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences and enable members to feel part of a larger, supportive community dedicated to resilience and preparedness,” he says.

“This role provides me with a unique opportunity to further this sense of community and belonging among regional members. It allows me to leverage my experience, insights, and network to foster a more cohesive, informed, and resilient business continuity community. By facilitating knowledge sharing, mentorship, and collaboration, I aim to strengthen the connections between members, enriching our collective expertise and resilience capabilities,” he adds.

As the leader of the BCI India Chennai Chapter, Vaidy also plans to advocate for and implement initiatives that enhance the visibility and impact of business continuity practices, ensuring that the community not only thrives but also expands its influence and reach.

What can members expect?

Vaidy plans to “reignite the Chapter's vibrancy and collaborative spirit” that he experienced during his previous tenure. As part of this, his goal is to revive the quarterly learning and networking opportunities with fresh themes and initiatives: “By fostering an environment of shared knowledge and collaboration, I aim to bring back the Chapter's golden days of active engagement and community growth, ensuring it remains a pivotal platform for learning and professional development in the community.”

Meeting the challenges of the region

Chennai faces regional challenges impacting business continuity and resilience, including flooding, extreme weather, heat waves, water scarcity in summer, monsoon floods, and political events. Despite these issues, many entities lack a focused approach to business continuity.

The chapter will tackle these challenges by fostering a culture of preparedness and resilience, emphasising the critical need for a focused approach to business continuity, according to Vaidy. 

“Through education, engagement, and collaboration, we aim to elevate awareness among entities, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to effectively navigate Chennai's unique environmental and political risks. By leveraging our expertise and promoting best practices, we're committed to empowering organizations to withstand and recover from disruptions, ensuring the region's sustained growth and resilience.”

What advice can you share with others?

In the rapidly evolving field of business continuity and resilience, my advice to fellow professionals is to prioritise continuous learning and stay abreast of technological advancements. The landscape of business continuity has shifted from being predominantly process-based to being inextricably linked with technology, as it now underpins almost every aspect of business operations. Understanding the latest technological trends and their implications for business resilience is crucial. Therefore, professionals should cultivate the habit of lifelong learning, ensuring they remain at the forefront of both methodology and technology to safeguard and enhance organizational resilience effectively.
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Vaidyanathan Chandramouli MBCI

BCI India Chennai Chapter Leader


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