BCI World Virtual - Over 45 new sessions

  • 02 Sep 2020

We promised you the largest BCI World programme ever … and we have now added over 45 sessions to the programme!

New sessions have been added to every stream, so no matter your level of experience, interest or role, there are sessions for you.

See all the new sessions added below and check out the BCI World Virtual website for full details.

Financial Sector operational resilience

  • Importance of resilient leadership and infrastructure in the finance sector

Cyber and IT resilience

  • AI - The New Normal?
  • Curtain Raiser - What is Cyber Resilience?
  • Putting the Cyber in Operational Resilience
  • Panel Discussion: Huawei and 5G: Beyond the political rhetoric

Regulations, standards and benchmarking

  • ISO Workshop & Update x 2 (Different time zones)
  • Stronger together: Using an ISO 22301 based system to build a community
  • Future Proof Business Continuity Audits

Case studies

  • Stronger Together - Cross-departmental working
  • Tesco - Becoming a trusted voice
  • Coca-Cola

Public Sector

  • Learning Lessons
  • Concurrent Events
  • Setting Up Your Network
  • Challenges of cyber resilience
  • Local Challenges in Recovery Management
  • Successful Partnerships for Improved Resilience
  • Overcoming obstacles in building cyber resilience within public sector organisations
  • Getting to the Truth of it: Fake news, misinformation & disinformation
  • Public-sector organisations: A Business Continuity Professionals biggest foe?
  • Good practice in defensible decision making
  • Personal Resilience
  • Human Aspects & Working with Civil Society
  • Leadership in the UK Centre for Resilience Learning & Development

Supply Chain

  • Workshop: Breaking the Echo Chamber
  • ROI Models for Supply Chain Resilience

Soft Skills

  • Fireside Chat with 3 FBCI’s
  • Workshop: How to be an ally
  • Cultural Change and Awareness
  • Resilience of diversity
  • Cultural Differences in managing Crisis – How diverse cultures can impact your crisis management and communication
  • Workshop: Engineering Your Agility
  • Know yourself, know your stuff, know your system
  • Question Time: Panel of BC Professionals are asked about their career journeys

Emergency planning, Exercising & crisis management

  • Workshop: Mini BC Sim
  • Keep Calm and Carry On
  • Organisational Resilience - Connecting the Dots

Working with Risk Management/ Security / Facilities

  • The Collaborative Resilience Model: A proven approach to success in your resilience program
  • Future of Risk Workshop

Pandemic – What has changed?

  • 2020, what a year! Open Clinic on Pandemic Issues
  • Navigating Geopolitical Risk for Resilience Professionals
  • Live Webinar Part 1 – Covid-19 an Industry Response
  • Live Webinar Part 2 – Covid-19 a Business Response
  • Workshop: The People Factor – Optimising Human Performance in future Crises
  • Next Generation Business Continuity?

Look out for an exciting collaboration with one of the world’s biggest organizations for the Supply Chain stream, and a not to be missed Keynote session on Financial & Operational Resilience  coming in the next few weeks! 


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