Conducttr launches V16 - the most powerful crisis simulation software release

  • 23 Aug 2021

As a trusted provider to business continuity clients, Conducttr’s experience of running exercises for Vodafone, First Draft and SenateSHJ, among others, have enriched the platform with new features for realistic BC scenarios. 

Conducttr crisis simulation platform has just released V16, which represents a huge step-change in capability and ease of use. The challenge was to provide an intuitive interface without compromising on the functionality for power users. V16 is the successful result of such an endeavour.

The new release of the software application includes 

  • Pattern of Life simulation
  • Realistic Media Landscape
  • Complete Exercise Control
  • Social Media Listening & Analysis
  • Simulate Disinformation, Malinformation, Deception

This new release is optimized to create immersive information environments and run exercises that require the training audience to manage and track situational awareness and take decisive action for scenarios such as cyber-security exercises, reputational risk or any business continuity threat.

Request your free license for Conducttr V16 here:


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