Community Developed Report - Global Emotional Impact Assessment Report 2021

  • 25 Nov 2021
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This report was developed by seven Knowledge Leaders from around the world.

While the world is still reeling under the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and many organisations are stating that ‘work from home is the new norm’ or ‘most people will most likely work from home’ or ‘apply a hybrid model’ etc., it’s evident through current research that there has been an increase in stress, anxiety, home violence, divorces, counselling, and therapy sessions. With this backdrop, seven Knowledge Leaders (KL) came together to establish the informal Global Emotional Impact Assessment (EIA) Survey. This report contains the EIA survey findings. 

The Knowledge Leaders behind the survey/ report:

  • Daman Dev Sood FBCI, International Resilience Trainer & Consultant
  • Dr. Reshma S. MBCI
  • A.Alex Fullick MBCI
  • Dr. Aaron Gracey
  • Nalin Wijetilleke Hon FBCI
  • Christine F. Miller AMBCI
  • Aravilla Tan

(This is not a BCI report and the views and thoughts contained are not those of the BCI)

Click below to download the report:

Global Emotional Impact Assessment Report 2021


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