Mark W. Hoffman wins the BCI Americas Award for Continuity and Resilience Consultant 2021

  • 28 Jun 2021

On April 29, 2021. Mark W. Hoffman MBCI, Anesis Consulting Group Inc. was announced as the winner of the BCI Americas Award for Continuity and Resilience Consultant

In this category the BCI judges were looking for evidence of exceptional all round skills and broad experience in the continuity and resilience space. All requirements for application and what the judges were looking for can be found here. 

When asked, Mark’s response to winning the award was:

Winning the BCI Americas Award this year has been one of the biggest highlights of my career!  The recognition is humbling and thrilling and even now, I know my words won’t do justice to the excitement that I feel. 

It’s particularly sweet because of the recognition that came from my clients who were the driving force behind the award submission in the first place.  It’s always been my goal to score very high when it comes to customer satisfaction. Doing so builds relationships and frankly, generates business. But when the customer satisfaction is so high that multiple clients come to you and tell you that they want to submit recommendations on your behalf, it’s truly amazing.
The award is a reflection of a lot of hard work throughout a very difficult year. I balanced five clients throughout 2020. I built a comprehensive global BCM Program from the ground up, provided BCM as a Service to two clients, was the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to help an organization develop an exciting new BCP software package (watch for that later this year) and I developed and delivered a very timely course on the principles of effective cyber response.

In addition to the billable work, I collaborated with a colleague and we presented eight webinars related to COVID-19 and returning to the office. I wrote a number of articles that were published and spoke at two industry conferences. It was a full year.
My respect for the BCI makes the award that much more special. The education, resources, tools and information that they provide is unparalleled and I’m proud to be a member of the BCI.

I mentioned during the award ceremony that I would be pulling a group of peers together to work on ways that we can specifically articulate value within our organizations. The goal is to help colleagues who might be struggling to articulate the value that they bring to their employer.  I’m happy to report that this is well under way and we will be ready to share this important information in the near future!
All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you!