My CBCI - Deborah FitzPatrick

  • 14 Jan 2022
  • Deborah

Name:  Deborah FitzPatrick

Job Title:  Business Continuity Advisor

Organization:  St John Ambulance, New Zealand

Why did you decide to take the CBCI Certification Course?

I was at the stage of finalising my Master of Emergency Management degree and my research topic was The collective experiences of middle management establishing a business continuity management system within their teams.  This led to me deciding to attend the CBCI certification to gain more business continuity knowledge and extend my career prospects.

What did you learn by taking the CBCI Certification Course?

Attending the CBCI certification course gave me a more thorough insight into business continuity holistically, specifically BIAs and embedding business continuity into organisations.  Both of which are required to assist business continuity practice move into organisational culture.

What has been the effect of the CBCI Certification Course been on your career?

The CBCI certification has been of great value in my career.  Being able to share my business continuity knowledge and join my local BCI Chapter, which has boosted my business continuity knowledge further by discussing current issues, learnings, experiences and sharing solutions has been very advantageous for my career and organisation. 

How has the CBCI Certification Course helped you in your role?

Following the course, I sat the CBCI examination.  Obtaining the CBCI examination and my business continuity experience empowered me to upgrade my CBCI qualification to an MBCI.  This has in turn assisted in my career within my organisation.

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Business Continuity Advisor, The Order of St John New Zealand