Risk intelligence. Re-thought.

  • 30 May 2024
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A fundamentally different way of looking at risk, based on the needs of those who manage risk every day.

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Battleground’s new Risk Intelligence has been architected from the ground up to connect risk, resilience and resources to provide the insight to answer four key questions that will enable better decisions.

Powered by a robust, trusted platform, Battleground provides flexible reporting that allows you to connect the dots.

Built on the strong foundations of Battleground’s award-winning resilience software.

Built for those who manage risks

Organizational leaders and decision-makers must use risk data to support them with decisions in the face of imperfect information – so our platform helps them to connect the dots, confirm what can be known and highlight the unknown.

Built for those who use the system daily

With an intuitive design and our inbuilt RAiDAR artificial intelligence that has been focused on driving efficiency and consistency of data input, our platform enables users to focus on their day-to-day and spend less time recording data.

Built for those who want to connect the dots

It's vital to be able to access data to advise on decisions, be the conscience of management and see what might be emerging or just over the horizon. With a business process driven architecture model and powerful pivot-based reporting, our system provides the insights needed by today’s risk function.

Battleground allows you to connect the dots across your operating model to get the insight you need to act with confidence. Our connected data model and flexible pivot reporting reduces reporting time, breaks down silos and puts the data in the hands of those who need it.

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