The BCI partners with The Sunday Times

  • 22 Jul 2020
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Over the last few months, the BCI has been working with Raconteur, AIRMIC and The Sunday Times to deliver a special report on Business Continuity & Growth.

This special report will be published in The Sunday Times on 2nd August, and forms part of Raconteur’s series looking at different aspects of business, aimed at c-suite professionals. 

This report will take a broad look at the business continuity industry, the impacts COVID-19 has had on it, and how, as an industry, it is set to grow in the coming months off the back of such a crisis. It contains 10 independent articles sourced by Raconteur, all focusing on different aspects of business continuity, with case studies from various sectors. Articles include:

  • C-suite duty of care to customers and employees and the role of senior business leaders in prioritising health
  • The role of the finance function in maintaining continuity and laying the foundations for growth
  • Supply-chain sovereignty and sustainability - How Brexit and Covid-19 are testing Britain's future food supply-chains
  • The minimum viable company - The cruciality of protecting critical dataflows and in a crisis, taking a cyber-centric approach to continuity planning
  • Diversity & inclusion as a vehicle to resilience and growth

The full report will be available on the BCI website from Monday 3rd August.

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