The BCI Podcast - Episode #4 - Social Media and Reputational Risk with Roger Christie

  • 17 Sep 2021
  • Roger,  Lisa
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The BCI Podcast is a weekly series featuring discussions with Business Continuity & Resilience professionals from around world offering insight and guidance on live current affairs topics affecting businesses around the globe.

Each episode will discuss a different area of Business Continuity and how it can be impacted by political, social and environmental change. Expect to hear Business Continuity insight on current affairs topics like the South African protests, the Ford Supply chain failure, Environmental disaster recovery for MSME’s in the Philippines and even how BC professionals can prepare crisis management strategies for the unforgiving arena of social media.  

Episode #4 - Social Media and Reputational Risk with Roger Christie,  Managing Director, Propel Group, AU

In this episode, we discuss social media, fake news and the reputational risks and benefits the tool has for businesses. 

We look at examples of businesses such as Shell, Virgin Australia CEO and BP CEO and how they have used the platform to enhance or damage the reputation of the business.


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