The BCI reforms membership requirements and application process

  • 29 Sep 2020

Following feedback from our community and a pilot scheme the BCI Board have approved reforms to the requirements for BCI membership and also the assessment process.

The BCI Competency Framework was published in early 2020 and this will form the basis for assessment of BCI membership in the future.

The main features of the reforms are;

•    Creation of a new experiential route to membership for MBCI & FBCI 

•    Removal of the need to supply confidential organisational information as part of the application process 

•    Replacement of requirement to ‘serve time’ with requirement to demonstrate competence

The new process will require applicants to provide competency statements against the descriptions contained in the BCI Competency Framework.

For detailed requirements for each grade, log in to your BCI website profile (register for free here if you don’t have one), click your name at the top of the screen and click ‘membership upgrade’.

Applications under the new process are being accepted immediately. Applications under the ‘old’ process will still be accepted until 31st December 2020.

After approving the reforms, BCI Chair Tim Janes Hon FBCI said “I am delighted that the board has approved these reforms as they represent an important step forward for the institute and further advance the value of BCI membership.  The focus on competencies provides employers with enhanced confidence in the capabilities of BCI members and the positive contributions that they can make.  Employers are increasingly focused on  ‘soft’ skills from all employees and these changes help our members to demonstrate that they are equipped with the professional skills that are in demand.