The BCI reforms requirements for FBCI grade

  • 30 May 2019

At a recent meeting the BCI Global Board approved reforms to the requirements for the FBCI grade.

There are currently around 100 FBCIs from a total of over 9,000 members and a benchmarking study suggested that this was a much lower proportion than other professional bodies. Feedback received from members suggested that some of the requirements for making a contribution to the institute were almost impossible to achieve.

The approved reforms, that apply with immediate effect, replace the need to have achieved 4 contributions from a list of 8 possibilities with a requirement to have contributed at least 120 hours in the previous 5 years from an expanded list. A notable addition is that of recognising pro bono contributions to local community organizations as valid supporting contributions.

This aligns with the BCI vision of a world where all organizations, communities and societies become more resilient and an increasing focus on business continuity and resilience professionals demonstrating their value to society and the communities that they live in.

All other requirements for achieving FBCI remain the same. More information can be found here or by logging into your BCI profile on this site, clicking your name and selecting 'membership upgrades' then the FBCI option.

As part of the same reforms new applications for the AFBCI grade are no longer being accepted ahead of a full withdrawal of this grade in 3 years time.

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