Greece & Cyprus

Welcome to the BCI Greece and Cyprus Chapter!

We are a group of business resilience & continuity professionals and experts with the vision to bring value to and support the communities and the companies in our countries. We are also committed to build up and grow our community as well as play an active role in the evolution of our industry.

The Greece and Cyprus Chapter involves local professionals, regardless of language or origin. Our context and events’ agendas cover an extended area of related subjects and interests as – indicatively named - Business Resilience, Continuity and Crisis Management, IT Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Information & Cyber Security and of course Risk Management as well.

We welcome all individuals in our territory to get involved with and participate in the Chapter and its events.

You can keep yourself updated about our events following our Chapter page and by joining our LinkedIn group below.

Use our email below to contact for any questions or assistance required.

BCI Greece / Cyprus chapter operating rules



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