Operational Resilience

Welcome to the BCI's Operational Resilience Special Interest Group.

We are a community of business continuity and resilience professionals passionate about advancing operational resilience. With the increasing adoption of complex technologies like AI and establishment of regulatory requirements, operational resilience has become crucial for organizations to survive disruptions and thrive in uncertainty.
Our Special Interest Group aims to be a leading forum for learning, collaboration, and advocacy around operational resilience. Here are some of our key goals:

  • Foster an active learning environment through webinars, workshops and discussions to help members gain expertise and stay updated on evolving trends.
  • Generate tangible outcomes like research reports, case studies and practical tools that provide value to our members.
  • Develop and promote policies and best practices that support BCI's vision of resilient organizations and communities.
  • Welcome diverse perspectives by actively engaging underrepresented groups and promoting inclusive conversations.

Stay engaged via our LinkedIn group for the latest updates, opportunities to contribute and connect with fellow members. You can also email [email protected] with any inquiries about the group.
We look forward to exchanging ideas, working together and advancing the field of operational resilience as a community.

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