The Netherlands

Welcome to the BCI Netherlands Chapter!

New members, new vision and plan

The BCI Netherlands Chapter is enhanced with some new members, bringing new energy and inspiration. Based on a defined vision on BCM and resilience, we have developed an updated activity plan for the coming years.

The main targets for the coming year will be focusing on:

  • Increasing knowledge, experience and inspiration amongst current BCI members
  • The development of new BCM experts by supporting educational organisations with their BCM/Resilience activities
  • Expanding the BCM professional community by inviting new members to the BCI Netherlands Chapter and support professional exchange and networking
  • Seeking co-operation with related professions (like risk management, information security etc.) in order to support organisations in their path to full and consistent resilience.

Our main motto is: ‘Continuity threats develop fast, this world deserves resilience to develop faster’.

If this approach inspires you and you would like to find out more about us, please feel free to connect with us on our LinkedIn below or contact us via our mailbox.


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