BCI Global Awards 2022 – Winner Spotlight: Reskube

  • 05 Apr 2023
  • Andrew

We are pleased to introduce Reskube, winner of the 2022 BCI Continuity and Resilience Innovation Award.

In this short article, we spoke to Andrew Lawton, founder & CEO at Reskube, who shared his experience entering and winning the BCI Awards.

Andrew started his career journey in the Business Continuity and Resilience industry back in 1994, when he joined Guardian dr to sell LDRPS. Over the next 25 years, he worked with many of the well-known names in the industry, such as Sungard, IBM, and HP.

In 2021, says Andrew, “it became clear to me that there was a global need for home and smaller office resilience, partly due to the huge shift to homeworking but also due to the underinvestment in power and internet infrastructure in many parts of the world. As an example, 350 million people were directly affected by power cuts in 2021. So, in 2021, I established Reskube.”

He adds that “Reskube provides uninterruptible power and uninterruptible internet in one device. It provides a solution to those needing confidence in their power and internet to be able to live, work, and play. Simple to deploy and manage remotely, it also improves the productivity and performance of remote staff and teams.

We asked Andrew why he decided to enter Reskube for one of the BCI Awards, and he explained “we felt that Reskube really met the brief of Most Innovative Product. Not only is Reskube the first of its kind (patent-pending), but it also served as a solution to an ongoing and unanswered global issue. Our lives, our work, and our downtime increasingly depend on the combination of power and the internet. Despite this, hundreds of millions live with both intermittently. There is also much more innovation to come.”

Andrew explained that their initial focus was on those working remotely. He said, “the pandemic forced millions of staff to work from home, and suddenly the resilient office infrastructure that they were once accustomed to vanished. Critical staff were now in danger of power cuts and broadband disruption, potentially causing consumer, brand, and financial impacts. To mitigate these risks, they needed a simple solution so that they could continue their best work, uninterrupted. Our future iterations will provide this level of resilience to homecare patients, gamers, outdoor living and retail sites.

Reskube won in the BCI Innovation Award category (both at the Regional and Global awards), an achievement that Andrew is very proud of. He said, “to be acknowledged by an organization of your peers is truly an honour, especially on a global level. The BCI is an internationally respected and recognisable establishment in our industry and to have their seal of approval further solidifies Reskube and our joint commitment to promoting a more resilient world.

The BCI Regional Awards 2023 are now available to enter!

You can now enter your nomination for the BCI Regional Awards. There are 13 award categories available for each region that cater for professionals/consultants, teams, and/or organizations. This is an exciting opportunity to showcase and gain a prestigious recognition for your work and stand out in the Business Continuity & Resilience industry. 

Follow the links below to learn more about the application process, the judges and more. If you are ready to submit your nomination, the please click here. 


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