Awards Application Guide

We have recently updated the awards application process to be more inclusive, transparent, and easier to follow. The information provided below will assist you in understanding the criteria for the application, the judging process, and the rules.

Application rules

We want to emphasize that the awards process has specific rules in place, and it's important to follow them. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the disqualification of your application. We encourage all applicants to carefully review the rules to ensure they are eligible to apply and that their submission is complete and meets the necessary requirements.

  • All applications should be submitted in English. We understand that not everyone may be proficient in English, so we recommend seeking assistance from a colleague or friend who can assist with translation, or using online translation tools to help with the process.
  • Applicants must provide evidence in each chosen category criterion.
  • Evidence will only be accepted within 12 months of the application end date unless otherwise stated.
  • Each criterion has a maximum word count limit that must be adhered to. Any words beyond this limit will not be considered.
  • To ensure that all testimonials are fair and of equal length, there is a maximum limit of 200 words per testimonial. Any words beyond this limit will not be taken into consideration.
  • To ensure fairness in the judging process, the criteria used for evaluation will be based solely on the quality of the evidence submitted. Any additional documents beyond the requested evidence will not be taken into consideration.
  • Hyperlinks to evidence are not permitted. Please include all evidence directly within the application.
  • Applications received after the advertised deadline will not be considered.
  • To maintain fairness and impartiality during the awards assessment period, applicants and organizations are not permitted to contact the awards judges.
  • For the awards application to be considered, the guidance document on the applications must be signed and dated and submitted along with the application.

For information about the judging process, please visit our website at BCI Awards Judging Guidance.

The scoring criteria

To evaluate applicants' evidence-based submissions, the judges will use three performance descriptors as outlined below:

High-quality evidence: Score between 4-5

  • Applicant’s evidence is timebound, addresses the criterion and is thoroughly explained.

Moderate quality evidence: Score between 2-3

  • Applicant’s evidence is timebound, partly addresses the criterion and is somewhat explained.

Low-quality evidence: Score between 0-1

  • Applicant’s evidence is not dated, does not address the criterion, or is poorly explained.

Moderation meetings

Moderation meetings provide an opportunity for judges and the Head Judge to convene virtually and discuss any ambiguous issues related to judging, as mentioned previously. The Head Judge will lead the meetings, examining the evidence and scores and taking into account the judges' comments and scoring justifications. The objective is to ensure a transparent and equitable application process and select the most deserving award recipients. If a consensus cannot be reached, the Head Judge will make the final decision. These meetings are essential for promoting consistency, impartiality, and inclusivity in the judging process.

Moderation meetings will only be held in the following situations:

  • When there is a ten or more mark difference between the scores given by the judges.
  • When the top applicant scores are tied.

During moderation meetings, judges and the head judge will discuss any scoring discrepancies or ambiguities. The head judge will review the evidence, scores, and comments from the judges to ensure a transparent and fair application process and select the most deserving award winners. If the judges cannot come to a final agreement, the head judge will make the final decision.

For more information on how to apply, please contact [email protected]