BCI Global Awards 2022 Winner Spotlight: URIM App by URIM, with Ian Hammond, CEO

  • 10 Apr 2023
  • Ian

We are pleased to introduce URIM, winner of the 2022 BCI Continuity and Resilience Provider (Product/Service) Global Award. In this short article, Ian Hammond, CEO of URIM, shares the history of the organization as well as their experience of entering the BCI Awards.

URIM provides a global platform for organizations to create their own knowledge-based App. In a sense, they produce the canvas on which clients create their own art. The vision is to provide people with the knowledge they need at their fingertips. URIM’s clients simply need to figure out what knowledge their target user communities really need. Google has done a good job of making the general digital world accessible to us all. URIM does the specific job of making available a focused subset of key organizational information to an authorised community of users in an App format.

When it comes to entering the BCI Awards, Hammond explains, “Business resilience and operational continuity are clear leading Use Cases for what we do. The BCI is a recognised and leading global brand in this space and an obvious destination for anyone seeking best advice and guidance in this area. We are delighted to be working with some leading international brands and their feedback to us is that nobody else is doing quite what we do. They have therefore been supportive of our submissions to the BCI Awards and a key part of why we have won global BCI Award recognition for the last two years.

As a winner of both a BCI Regional and Global Award, Hammond comments, “for us, Awards recognition is the icing on the cake. It is one of three reputational reasons that clients consistently rely on, when deciding who they most want to work with.” He explains that these three reasons are:

  • Strong recommendations from our existing blue-chip clients.
  • Relevant ISO certifications (ISO 22301, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001).
  • Awards recognition from recognised independent expert bodies. Independent expertise is key here. He also adds, “The BCI does a particularly smart thing, by holding regional rounds first, then forwarding regional winners to the global stage.

Hammond also provides some practical advice to those organizations looking to enter the BCI Awards. He says, “Two things. First, be focused about your choice of Awards category, rather than providing multiple generic submissions in a ‘fire and hope’ strategy. Second, ensure your responses clearly address the content of each Awards question section, rather than being copied and pasted from generic product marketing brochures.” He also adds, “There are no available templates to follow, but each year you can seek to build on the experience of previous submissions. The best way to begin…is to begin!

The BCI Regional Awards 2023 are now available to enter!

You can now enter your nomination for the BCI Regional Awards. There are 13 award categories available for each region that cater for professionals/consultants, teams, and/or organizations. This is an exciting opportunity to showcase and gain a prestigious recognition for your work and stand out in the Business Continuity & Resilience industry. 

Follow the links below to learn more about the application process, the judges and more. If you are ready to submit your nomination, the please click here. 


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