BCI World Hybrid 2023: Unlocking the power of resilience

  • 20 Jul 2023
  • Marianna

Why Professionals & Practitioners should attend BCI World Hybrid 2023, 1-2 November, Virtual & London, UK. 

In today's unpredictable and fast-paced business landscape, organizations face a myriad of challenges, threats, and risks that can disrupt their operations at any moment. Across industry sectors, Business Continuity and Resilience have become strategic components for organizations aiming to navigate these uncertainties successfully.

To dig deeper into the world of Business Continuity and Resilience, professionals & practitioners in the industry should not miss out on BCI World Hybrid 2023, the hybrid conference event that brings together resilience experts, thought leaders, organizations, and practitioners from around the globe.

Discover why you should seize the opportunity to attend this influential event.

Unparalleled networking opportunities

BCI World Hybrid 2023 offers a unique platform to network with like-minded professionals, industry leaders, organizations, and subject matter experts. Delegates will be able to connect, exchange valuable insights, and establish meaningful professional relationships. The event fosters a collaborative environment where attendees can learn from one another's experiences and gain a broader perspective on industry trends and best practices.

  • Physical Conference: Networking drinks on 31st October and 1st November, Global Awards Dinner on 1st November, and networking lunch breaks & live demos throughout the conference. All are included in your ticket!
  • Virtual Conference: Virtual open forums, roundtables, and live demos. All are included in your ticket!

Knowledge expansion

Stay at the forefront of the latest developments, emerging trends, and innovations in the resilience industry. BCI World Hybrid 2023 programme features a diverse range of keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, and presentations delivered by renowned experts and practitioners. Gain access to cutting-edge research, case studies, and real-world examples that offer practical insights and actionable strategies to enhance your organization's resilience capabilities. Expand your knowledge base and acquire valuable tools and techniques that will empower you to tackle future challenges effectively.

Seven exclusive conference streams covering:

  • Operational Resilience
  • Emergency Planning & Crisis Management
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Cyber & IT Resilience
  • Organizational Resilience
  • Personal Resilience
  • Back to Basics

Engaging keynote speakers

Be inspired by industry visionaries and thought leaders who will take the stage at BCI World Hybrid 2023. These keynote speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, sharing their invaluable experiences and predictions for the future of business continuity and resilience. Their insights will help you gain a broader perspective and provide fresh ideas to drive success within your organization.

  • Alexis Conran, Actor, Writer, and TV Presenter, UK.
  • Brian Zawada FBCI, Vice President of Strategy, Riskonnect, USA.
  • Michele Turner FBCI, Vice President – Business Continuity, Marriott International, USA.
  • Kevin Fong, Science Broadcaster and Emergency Medicine Doctor, UK.

Showcase of best practices, products, and solutions for your business

BCI World Hybrid 2023 provides a platform for organizations to showcase their best practices, successful implementations, and innovative approaches to Business Continuity and Resilience. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore a multitude of exhibitors, interact with leading solution providers, and witness the latest technologies and tools in action. Gain first-hand exposure to industry-leading practices, discover new solutions, and gather inspiration to enhance your organization's resilience capabilities.

Professional development

Take advantage of the professional development opportunities available at BCI World Hybrid 2023. Attend workshops, open forums, and roundtables that will enhance your skills to advance your career. These offerings provide a chance to demonstrate your expertise in Business Continuity and Resilience, setting you apart as a highly qualified professional.


  • “Valuable detours on our business resilience journey: people-centered 'back to basics” - heart, passion, connect, challenge, equip = improved resilience
  • “Communications after a ransomware incident” - Equip your organization to proactively tackle ransomware attacks with this comprehensive workshop.
  • “Sorry doesn't have to be the hardest word” - Why corporate apologies so often go wrong and how they can be fixed.
  • “Elevating your personal resilience = organizational + career resiliency”- When was the last time you thought about how your own personal attributes not only elevate your organization’s resiliency but also your career?
  • “Are you ready for your 6G network?”
  • “Resilience redefined: navigating crisis response in the hybrid world” - Strategies for effective crisis response in an era of dynamic complexity.

Collaborative learning environment

Participate in our Back to Basics stream and our open programme sessions, featuring interactive sessions, insightful discussions, and roundtables where you can engage in meaningful conversations and share your own experiences. BCI World Hybrid 2023 cultivates a collaborative learning environment that encourages open dialogue, idea-sharing, and problem-solving. Take advantage of this unique setting to learn from industry peers, gain fresh perspectives, and build a robust professional network.

Connect with the BCI

  • Attend dialogue sessions on BCI membership, mentoring and professional networking.
  • Drop by the Membership Clinic.

Attending BCI World Hybrid 2023 is an unparalleled opportunity for professionals in the Business Continuity and Resilience industry. From networking with industry leaders to gaining insights into the latest trends and best practices, this event offers a wealth of benefits. Seize the chance to expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and position yourself as a leader in the field. By joining this influential conference, you will unlock the power of Business Continuity and Resilience, enabling your organization to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Mark your calendars, and don't miss out on BCI World Hybrid 2023 – a transformative experience awaits

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