Strategic levers for Resilience and Transformation - by Federica Maria Rita Livelli

  • 05 Jul 2022
  • Federica

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Federica Maria Rita Livelli - is a Business Continuity & Risk Management consultant (Business Continuity certification - AMBCI BCI, UK, CBCP DRI, USA and Risk Management FERMA Rimap®) and carries out activities aiming at improving awarness and development of resilience culture at various institutions and universities.
Member of:
• Board of BCI Italy Chapter
• ANRA Council (Italian Association of Risk Manager& Insurance Manager)
• Advisory Board of LIUC-ODES Project (at LIUC University, Castellanza)
• Advisory Board EU SIMARGL Project (European Community Project)
• Scientific Committee of CLUSIT (Italian Association for Cyber Security)
• Professional Committee Conduct – BCI, UK
• FERMA (Federation of European Risk Management Associations) Digital Committee
• Part of technical committee at UNI (Italian Association entrusted with the development, publication and promotion of standards)

Lecturer ref. introductory modules ISO 22301 - Business Continuity & Resilience (POLIMI-BOCCONI University and University of Verona, University of Cagliari, Environmental Master University of Padua, LIUC University at Castellanza, SUPSI Lugano, University of Genoa); ISO 31000 - Risk Management (Università Statale di Milano and LIUC University at Castellanza)

Speaker and moderator in various seminars, national and international conferences.

Author of numerous articles ref. various online magazines and publications


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About the author

Federica Livelli

Business Continuity & Risk Management Consultant

In possesso della certificazione Business Continuity - AMBCI BCI, UK e Risk Management FERMA Rimap ® è consulente di Business Continuity & Risk Management. Svolge attività di diffusione e di sviluppo della cultura della resilienza presso varie istituzioni ed università. 

Socia AIPSA ed UNI.

Membro de:

·         Board del BCI Italy Chapter

·         Board ANRA

·         Advisory Board di LIUC-ODES Project

·         Advisory Board EU SIMARGL Project

·         Comitato Scientifico di CLUSIT

·         Comitato CLUSIT-Artificial Intelligence/Risk Management

·         Conduct Professional Committee – BCI, UK

·         Judge at the International Organizational Resilience Awards

·         UNI/CT 016/GL 02 "Sistemi di gestione per la qualità" (ISO/TC 176/SC 2), UNI/CT 016/GL 09 "Governance delle organizzazioni" (ISO/TC 309) e UNI/CT 016/GL 89 "Gestione dell'innovazione" (ISO/TC 279) (Commissione Tecnica UNI/CT 016 "Gestione per la qualità e metodi statistici")

Membro de: Associazione Donne 4.0 (Coordinatrice Commissione Reti) e Women for Cyber Security (Comitato Tecnico)

Docente di moduli di introduzione di: ISO 22301 - Business Continuity & Resilience (Università POLIMI–BOCCONI e Università di Verona, Università di Cagliari, Master Ambientale Università di Padova); ISO 31000 - Risk Management (Università Statale di Milano)

Relatrice e moderatrice in diversi seminari, conferenze nazionali ed internazionali.

Autrice di numerosi articoli su diverse riviste online, (i.e.: AgendaDigitale, Cybersecurity360, AI4Business, Risk Management360, EnergyUp, Blockchain4Innovation, Internet4Things, Industry4Business, ANRA - RM Magazine, ISPI online, Insurance Review, INsurzine, UNI Magazine online, The BCI Blog, Data Manager).

Partecipato, in qualità di co-autrice, alle edizioni 2020 e 2021 del Rapporto Clusit - Cyber Security.