The BCI Podcast, S2 E1: Training & education for a resilient career

  • 04 Sep 2023

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In this episode, Steph Morris, Head of Learning at the BCI, is joined by training professionals from around the world to discuss the impact of training and education on an individuals' career. The discussion covers topics such as how to build a career in business continuity & resilience that is agile and can adapt to changing job markets, as well as how professional development can help organizations with the new risks/threats they are now facing.


  • Steph Morris, Head of Learning, The BCI
  • Sam Howard, CEO, Continuity Shop
  • Marie-Hélène Primeau MBCI, Executive VP, Premier Continuum
  • Seshadri Srinivasan FBCI, Independent Consultant and Trainer in BCM, IT DR, Crisis Management and Risk Management
  • Cheyene Marling Hon MBCI, Managing Director-Talent Management & Research Analytics - powered by Witt O'Brien's

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