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The CBCI exam tests your knowledge of the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) – the comprehensive guide to industry best practice for business continuity and resilience.

You can sit the CBCI Exam in the comfort of your own home or office - all you need is a webcam and a stable internet connection. 

To be eligible to take the CBCI exam you must either have studied the Good Practice Guidelines through one of our global network of BCI Licensed Training Partners, or have purchased the Good Practice Guidelines directly from us and Self-Studied. Please note that we will not process an CBCI exam booking if the training has been undertaken with an unlicensed training provider.

Sit the exam your way

You can sit the CBCI exam in two ways, simply pick the one that works best for you.

  • Online – sit the exam from home. You just need a webcam and a stable internet connection.
  • In person – take the exam at the end of the classroom-based GPG training course. (With the introduction of social distancing and lockdown measures internationally, many of our classroom courses and exams have moved online.  For information on the paper and pencil exam, please contact us at [email protected]. )

Study resources

We recommend you take the CBCI Certification training course to prepare for this exam. However, you can prepare for the exam through self-study by purchasing the Good Practice Guidelines and Mock Exam

The next step

After passing the exam, your CBCI certification is valid for three years, subject to an annual membership fee.

Most professionals achieve the CBCI and then progress to more senior levels of BCI membership. For most, this will happen within three years. If you have not progressed after three years your membership will be downgraded to Affiliate status and you’ll lose access to some of the membership benefits.

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