A Guide to Contributing to The BCI Blog

We have devised the following hints and tips to guide you with blog writing:

  1. Write your blog in either 1st or 3rd person but keep it consistent.
  2. Content can cover other disciplines relating to business continuity, for example human resources, ICT security, communications etc.
  3. You should write from your personal or organizational perspective, however please note that all content should be in line with equality regulations and should not be considered offensive to anyone.
  4. Limit your case study to 600 words. This will allow us to post your content across our platforms.
  5. Use real-life examples wherever possible. We want to ensure our readers take the most they can from our content and feel this is easiest when real-life situations are used.
  6. Ensure you have read and approved your content before submitting it. The BCI will proofread the content for consistency and errors however the technical content should be approved by yourself. 
  7. Note that contributed content should be original and not published anywhere else.