A new leadership for the BCI Cyber Resilience Special Interest Group (SIG)

  • 14 Sep 2023

The previously announced new Cyber Resilience Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to encourage collaboration and best practices to help practitioners understand the increase in cyber threats, as well as learn about the ever-widening cyber risk landscape.

There is huge potential for this SIG to match the pace of the developing cyber resilience sector by being an arena where the latest original thoughts, best practices, and analyses can be shared and discussed by those in the know. Joining this SIG will mean that members can be part of shaping this ongoing narrative! 

The Cyber Resilience SIG also has the potential to be a tool to break down organizational and sector-wide silos and open up lines of communication, which can be key in proactively preparing for an incident.

As part of the output for the Cyber Resilience SIG, there will be an opportunity to create white papers and reports, amongst other materials, as well as to take part in events and online discussions. All of these activities will raise awareness regarding the importance of cyber resilience and help members to build skills in this area. This is particularly important when we consider that some of the top causes of cyber-attacks are linked to human error and, as such, can be mitigated through education and awareness initiatives. 

We are proud to announce the leadership of this SIG, as well as its committee members: 

Alice Kaltenmark HonFBCI  -  Leader
Amit Malhotra MBCI  -  Vice Leader
John DiMaria AMBCI   -  Committee Member
Federica Livelli AMBCI   -  Committee Member
Trida Ngobeni AMBCI  -  Committee Member

Stay on the lookout as we will soon be releasing spotlight articles featuring the leaders of the SIG, which will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about them, their experience, and their vision of the Cyber Resilience SIG. 

Follow the link below for more information on the Cyber Resilience Special Interest Group (SIG)


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