Introducing the new CBCI 7.0 Certification Course - Webinar

  • 26 Jan 2024

Learn more about what's new in the CBCI 7.0 Certification Course - watch the webinar on-demand below. The webinar was presented by Paul Breed MBCI, and Samhita Ganguly, Acting Head of Learning at the BCI.

You can also view some of the most frequently asked questions about the new course below the video.

You can learn more about the CBCI 7.0 Certification Course and book your place by following the link below:

Watch the launch Webinar


For those who completed their CBCI Course and exam recently, is there any expectation or requirement to retake the training course or exam?

No. If you are CBCI Certified you do not have to retake the course or resit the exam. Your BCI Membership will not be affected by the new CBCI 7.0. 

What is the difference between the 3-5 day course and the 6-week course?

The courseware provided by the BCI for both options is the same. 

The 3-5 day course is delivered by the BCI’s Licensed Training Partners online or in-person and at the end of the course you will be ready to take the CBCI Exam. This course is designed for individuals who wish to certify within a short period. 

The CBCI Online (6-week course) provides flexibility for studying at a time that suits you, supported by recorded sessions, and is a convenient course designed to work around your schedule. The course is delivered by the BCI directly, with 2-hour classes twice per week, and lessons available on-demand for a defined period after the end of the course. This course is designed for individuals who are unable to take time off work and have a longer period at hand to achieve certification. 

Has the CBCI Exam changed from the previous one?

Yes, the CBCI Exam has been updated following the change in the CBCI 7.0 Certification Course. The exam is available online and can only be taken upon completion of the course. The CBCI 7.0 is a 90 minute exam and with 90 multiple-choice questions.

For more information, please download the Candidate Information Pack.

How does the new course affect the process of upgrading your BCI Membership?

BCI Membership is based on the BCI’s Competency Framework. The new CBCI course does not affect the membership processes.

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