Approved BCI Instructors

The Business Continuity Institute

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Listed below are Business Continuity Institute members who have been approved by the BCI’s Training Department to deliver BCI Training. All BCI Training must be delivered by an official BCI Licenced Training Partner and all of these Training Partners must use an Approved BCI Instructor taken from the list below. Approved BCI Instructor status is not a training credential issued by the Institute but is a quality assurance that those listed are experienced practitioners and trainers with good knowledge of the BCI’s training material. The BCI gathers feedback on Instructors from students on BCI Training courses and uses this information to monitor standards of tuition. All of those listed below are approved to deliver the CBCI Certification Training course which prepares students to sit for the Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI) examination. For our advanced skills training courses our expectation is that the Approved BCI Instructor holds an MBCI, AFBCI or FBCI level of Certified membership. The BCI’s Training Department welcomes independent feedback on our Approved BCI Instructors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Instructor First Name Instructor Surname Accreditation
Affeiz Abdul Razak MBCI
Dr Alberto Alexander MBCI
Tawfiq Algargoush MBCI
Dave Arnott MBCI
Peter Barnes FBCI
Dean Beaumont FBCI
Paul Breed MBCI
Scott Carver AFBCI
Ian Charters FBCI
Ekambarum Chetty MBCI
Steve Corrigan MBCI
Yves Davila Cainero MBCI
Genevieve Delage MBCI
Gianna Detoni FBCI
Daman Dev Sood AFBCI
Henry Ee FBCI
Martin Fenlon MBCI
Nathaniel Forbes MBCI
Clasina Genee AFBCI
Mel Gosling FBCI
Roberto Grosso Ciponte MBCI
Lalit Gupta MBCI
Henri Haenni MBCI
Stephane Hesschentier MBCI
Ernest Hocking MBCI
Willem Hoekstra AFBCI
Mark Humphreys MBCI
David James-Brown FBCI
Tim Janes Hon FBCI
John Johrden Academia
Betty Kildow FBCI
Penelope Killow MBCI
Olga Kontogianni MBCI
Dhiraj Lal MBCI
Brad Law MBCI
Frank Leonetti FBCI
Abraham Levinson Academia
Jeff Lewis MBCI
Carlo Loveri MBCI
Kathleen Lucey FBCI
Charlie MacLean-Bristol FBCI
Kim MacLean-Bristol MBCI
Wolfgang Mahr FBCI
Tim Marjason MBCI
Alberto Mattia MBCI
James McAlister FBCI
Mohan Menon AFBCI
Vinod Menon MBCI
Thanasis Mitsakos MBCI
Helen Molyneux  MBCI
Rudy Muls MBCI
Des O'Callaghan FBCI
Chris Oliver FBCI
Ioannis Papadopoulos MBCI
Mark Penberthy FBCI
Dimitrios Pergamalis MBCI
Charalampia Permantalidi MBCI
Peter Podell MBCI
Marie-Helene Primeau MBCI
Isabelle Primeau MBCI
Jeff Primus MBCI
Malcolm Reid MBCI
Ahmed Riad Ali MBCI
Patrick  Roberts MBCI
Matthias Rosenberg MBCI
James Royds Hon FBCI
Jamie Sanderson Reid MBCI
Kenny Seow MBCI
Srinivasan Seshadri MBCI
Ishwar Chandra Singh MBCI
Eugene Taylor FBCI
Paul Trebilcock FBCI
Werner Verlinden FBCI
Angela Vernon-Lawson Academia
Lynda Vongyer AFBCI
Gary Vongyer MBCI
Chong Chen Voon MBCI
Matthew Wardner MBCI
Pauline Wilson MBCI
David Window MBCI
Phillip  Wood Academia
Denis Woods FBCI
Parthasarathy Yuvaraj MBCI