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Welcome to the BCI community for Southern Africa. We are very diverse business continuity group with multi-talented leadership. The Group aims to spread business continuity management (BCM) awareness to all business continuity and resilience professionals across Southern Africa to ensure that business continuity management culture is embedded across all industries, be it private or public.

The Chapter’s geographical exposure covers the whole of Southern Africa.

The Chapter is always happy to collaborate with various professional bodies, educational institutions, and other organizations. As well as bringing webinars to the business continuity audience through hybrid, virtual platforms and in person settings, conducting one on one interviews with industry professionals, showcasing Women in Resilience, spotlighting BCI Members, and participating in BCI Awards and BCI Global events as Speakers.

Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn page below and if you have any questions or would like to get involved with us, please email our mailbox below.


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